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So, i have been receiving mails about not updating my blog. yeah, i really feel sorry for my blog now.

I've been neglecting her but still, i have a lot of reasons why i didn't update.

first. I'm kinda busy will college and all that crap
second. I have a lot of homework, quiz, unfinished thesis and lots of reporting stuffs
third. I'm lazy

speaking of the second reason. i got a freakin' report tomorrow and honestly i'm not prepared at all... but who gives a shit.

my professor doesn't give a crap about anything. I mean she is like so f*cking boring! i mean.... SOOOO BOOORRRRIING!

yeah... all caps

make me want to cut her class every time it's her subject, i have this feeling about going to the restroom and never go back again.

i saw one girl fall asleep in her class like really sleeping which includes snoring and making her bag like a pillow and i can even see her mouth open and my professor just look at her and psshhh... said nothing

well yeah.... some of my friends considered us lucky since their professor on the same subject as ours is one terror one..... like anything you possible can't imagine.

oh well... my sister always said that i should get used to it.....

basically, professors in college doesn't give a damn unlike highschool

p/s: have you seen the new vaio laptop which has the windows 7 in it!! DAMN!!! that is one gorgeous laptop! i mean.... i love everything about it! from the keyboard to the design of the lappy!!

its so freakin' gorgeous!!!

okay... i think this ends here... bye everyone!

hope you all living well o(^_^)o

buy me in ffs! hahaha!! HEHEHE =^.^=

almost forgot. i'm using google chrome right now. and my blog layout is screwed in this browser but it is still readable. mozilla firefox is awesome! but still i don't know what it looks like in internet explorer..


  1. i can't wait to finish my high school so i can go to college hahaha and the new vaio laptop are really nice!! haha

  2. hey, i used your blog skin and i want to ask you about older post and newer post, how can i get the code for older and newer post? please reply asap, thanks

  3. Hi, i read your blog post and that really make me can't wait to get into college!

    P/S - Which new Vaio laptop are you refering to? There are a lot of new ones.

  4. Hi, i read your blog post and that really make me can't wait to get into college!

    P/S - Which new Vaio laptop are you refering to? There are a lot of new ones.

  5. @ D:

    oh there is that many? hehehe ^^

    im referring to this one: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fe_aPRm8QrE/SuWv6AFiG2I/AAAAAAAABB0/55TaYKzhF04/s400/sony+vaio+cw+pink.jpg

    so damn nice right?

  6. Yes it is nice. I think i know which one you're refering to, its Vaio CW?


    There's also this Vaio X which is super slim, like 13.9mm chassis (full flat).


  7. Arh. I miss Steph's post :X
    LOL ! The girl who fall asleep in her class is like... dunno how to describe. The teacher don't even care?
    College life is really different.

  8. Finally you updated your blog! :D
    Weee~ Wow.Did anyone find your professor's class interesting? Maybe like those extremely studious people?

  9. that's a nice laptop.
    But the built in Windows 7 is probably 32bit. and not 64bit. I've bought a new Acer desktop and I'm using windows 7 32bit.

    I've never ever used Vista but, when I wanted to install things, I must download as vista. It seems nothing is different for me, it's eating a lot of my computer space. =.=!

    But windows 7 looks really cool. You can see it in my blog if you haven't seen it ^^

  10. Gosh! That's my lappie :)


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.