Spending habits

i have this really bad spending habits.

Yesterday, i went to the mall to buy a shirt (which i was really sticking to it cause i'm on a budget) then as expected i bought some more stuffs than just a shirt.

It's really hard for me to control my cravings. If anyone has the same problem as me then welcome to the group hahaha...

i would be happy to hear advices from you guys.

p/s happy belated birthday to my dad!! and my bestie - Taz and my little brother who's celebrating his b-day on Nov 14


  1. haha i have the same problem too. xD

  2. Hehehe, i wanna spend money like a shopping queen!! But...

    i'm always broke because i use too much money :x

  3. Me too. I can't control. Hehe :p

  4. lol adik ka? november 17 bday ni jr =))=)) di mo alam ang bday ng sarili mong kapatid ha wahahhaa

    "cravings" ka dyan ano yan kinakain mo ung tshirt mo =)) wahahhahaha


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.