starbucks planner 2010

I'm so excited to get my hands on the new limited edition Starbucks planner for 2010 !!! i so like the planner! its better than last year cause last year's planner is just plain red

so anyways. yup! I'm on full-on-coffee-drinking machine! HAHAHA!

in fact! i really love the "TOFFEE NUT" be it in iced or frappe cause its really really tasty ! and its like only available during the months of Christmas.

Sometimes when i have this craving thingy. I always ask myself - "Do i really need this? or Do i just want it?"

"Am i gonna be using it?" "Is it really worth it?"

and my answer to all the questions is..........


quite shocking how i don't really know. I have this feeling that i need it cause it might be helpful sometime & this feeling that the planner is just so gorgeous for me to resist and i just want it.....

But before you could get the planner.. you have to complete the wish's stickers.. something that looks like this.

& p/s: just bought 2 grande toffee nut frappe! *YUM* and my sister is playing for it bwahahaha!

pp/s: OSL hits 200 followers?!! thank you for being a reader and follower of my blog! & thanks for all the support! hope you'll continue on reading ! without you guys i don't think i'll have what i have right now. I must say my followers and my readers are my motivation and inspiration to blog. thanks to everyone!

ppp/s: will link the pending link exchanges later ^^


  1. http://miss-kumiko.freehostia.com


  2. congratulation Steph am one of your reader! am like your papa papa paparazzi! hahaha *lady gaga song*
    and oh i wish i can have Starbucks planner for 2010 too :')!!

  3. The starbucks 2010 calendar looks so cool ! I hope i have one too.
    Steph is making me tempting to try Starbucks real soon. I only tried before 'Coffee Bean' Ice blended but not Stabucks. I so tempted now ! ARHH ! :P
    Btw, congratz on 200 followers. We'll always support you ! Love Steph and ur blog :P

  4. Eeek, ure tempting me with that 2 cup of drink!


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