Tips on blogging

1. NEVER ever put an auto-play music with 0px height and width.

Why? it would drive your readers off especially if they have zero interest in the music you put in your blog

2. Don't put too much javascripts. It would make your site load slower.
3. Simple coded layouts are better than super-heavy-image layout
4. If you want to attract more readers. Don't always blog about your life nobody's interested especially if they don't know you


today i woke up then sleep again cause i'm so sleepy. then wake up again around 6 o'clock then brush my teeth then took a shower then off to school. Chatted with some of my friends then go to the canteen ordered something. around 4pm i went to the mall to shop some clothes then saw my friends and we talk a lot. went back home then mom was there and made me a Halloween cake which is good cause it taste really nice. then i brush my teeth, do my homework then went to bed. Dreamed about ghosts and stuff. bye

see how boring it looks.

5. Make your site more interesting to read. bold underline strike italics the words you want to emphasize.
6. Don't expose too much of yourself online. You would never know who visits your blog.

-this picture is suppose to be funny! hahaha :))


  1. haha i agree with number 5 and 6 and the picture are hahaha XD!!! IWTF.

    Oh and i always simply accept people in my msn or yahoo actually is because i never see their email or their display picture first haha

    Oh and ya i like the way you put my nickname it cute! haha and ya their is one dude keep on buying me which is a good thing for me but not a really good thing for you hahaha sorry :x!

    omg my comment is soo long!!

  2. agreed with 1 :) Actually i will straight away off my speaker or just close the ppl's blog if I don't like the song or so whatever :P

  3. I completely agree. @__@

    There are just some things that make you go crazy. And some of them are mentioned. [laugh]

    Nice post.

  4. LOLOLOLOL! Haha, anyways great tips! ;)

  5. Nice tips! :)

    *will take note XD

  6. I agree with 1 :D Pretty much the whole thing, though.

  7. I must say that I agree with 1-5! I have articles about these sorts of things. -_-

  8. Useful tips! The pic sure is funny! Haha! XD

  9. Wow! Great tips ^.^ And lol @ the picture! xD

  10. agree na agree ako sa no.1 ! lalo na ako, laging malakas volume ng speakers ko, tapos biglang magpplay ung bg music nila, aissh naakakirita x(

  11. nice tips,steff!
    anyway,1 is the most reasonable one.
    I always close down blogs quickly if they have like loud music or stuff i dun like

  12. I agree with tip 1!
    & lol @ the picture. :3

  13. good tips ! And the picture is really funny haha :)

  14. Hahaha. WTF nga talaga.
    Anyway, thanks for the tips! I'd keep them in mind. :)

  15. LOL~haha..looka at RON face...^^


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