Me, being a spoiler

my favorite song for today ..

big thanks to siangtiing for all those boys before flowers pictures and ost ! i love it all a LOT!!
(( wait... i am really confused.. it is boys "over" flowers or boys "before" flowers ))

@ mysoju.com - it says its "before"
@ youtube - its "over"

recently ive read some previews about boys before flowers.. want me to be a spoiler for you

okay.. i know some dont like spoilers.. like me... when i was watching "fated to love you" my friend finished all the episodes first.. she keeps bugging to me to let her tell me all what happened next... but i refused her tempting offer

here are are the preview on episode 20-23

[[ okay since ep 20 and 21 is out already.. ill post the preview on episode 22 ]]

dont be shock.. read if you dare.. mi an he~


Show Preview ▼

ive read the information here in some sites so i dont really know if its gonna happen.. or if its a fact


hanabi: WOOOH! me too.. he's adorable and hyun joong too
VALERIE: thanks :D
Xinyi: oh. you dont like gu jun pyo.. oh well.. i like him no matter what xD haha.. i guess i think im the only fan girl of lee min ho
Yosheko♥™: thanks :D
roush-kun XD: haha... whats fun about curly hair? xD
passer by: try looking at your codes in imeem.. then you will know ;)
LISA: hehe.. thanks ^_^
Bach: its here http://www.mysoju.com/boys-before-flowers
Mei-Mei: yeah sure.. but do credit me back :) for using my basecodes
xiaotiing: replied at your blog
LISA: thanks
xiaotiing: replied at your blog
Passerby: haha.. i thought so too
TASH: yeah.. he is really cute.. he looks really cute with ga eul
Guest: you can find the code at the very start of the html code
zhouyennn: if i have time ill relink you :) thanks for linking me btw
(: i got it from one of blogskins.com skins.. i forgot where i got it already -.- since i accidentally erased some parts of the codes.. please go and find it yourself
Asyura♥: yes. agree!
---WENDYx: the song really rocks!
!MAGDALENE: i also love that part HAHAHA! then Jun Pyo straighten his hair out.. and he looks so handsome there haha
Rayne: thanks hehe
(: i prefer the korean version more :).. hana yori dango got 2 episodes only... the BOF is a combi of both jap version and tai version
xiaotiing: THANKS A BUNCH!!
(:: what emoticons?
Agnes: replied at your blog
xiaotiing: tag replied at your blog
AMELIA: it really is :D
xiaotiing: replied :D
kouru: i like the 3 f4 boys except woo bin haha
Asyura♥: haha.. me too.. he's really talented.. he can play guitar, piano, violin and harmonica
Nicole: thanks ^_^
Jieying: yeah sure.. xD
Adelin: sure can add :)
cy: i dont really know.. try searching it at youtube.. thats where learn to photoshop
VALERIE: me too!

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