Graduation Day

our Graduation day ... sure its really super tiring especially because we were wearing heels and i feel like my feet is about to explode.. anw.. most of my classmates and friends are crying... and i think i'm the only one that hadn't shed a tear ..... anw... when it was time to get our diplomas, i didn't know that our graduation solo picture would be displayed in a big projector screen for all to see .. talk about that.. i just hate my grad picture .. i look like some kind of alien and i hid that picture somewhere under my bed for no one too see and i spoke too soon... talk about hiding it. now it is now exposed to the public..

after the grad. we all went out to eat at apple bee's

my most FAVORITE OF ALL!!!


after eating at Apple bee.. went to jarir bookstore .

saw this car while walking at jarir... freaking nice...

my parents bought this camera for my sis in phil .. its like an early graduation gift... the camera is really nice... mine is somewhat same like that but the color is light pink but 8 M... that camera is 10 M

like are you kidding me 10 mega pixel?!?! all your blackheads and zits will be seen haha.. anw.. i always put mine in VGA (saves memory and faster to put in the computer)

and ... my new pink sony earphones for my lappy


xiaotiing: OMG!! thanks a lot!
AMELIA: hehe. thanks
Asyura♥: haha.. he is :)
passerby: go to your cbox account .. there can
Helena: thanks for tagging :)
kouru: thanks :).. for course can link ex. just mail me -> meetsteffanie@gmail.com
Cammie: thats where i watch BOF too :) im waiting for 22-24... i think will come out on monday and tuesday
Shia: aww hehee.. thanks :D
Jess: ive already did that.. but my smilies are hosted in my old photobucket account
lyra: nilgy ko nah :D
Mich: mee too! fan of min ho :)
VALERIE: thanks :(
ruii: host the images in your own photobucket account
passerby: yupp.. i got bandwidht.. but not this time already :)
xiaotiing: hehe... thankss
Jieying: thanks
Joanne: yup i know .. i got bandwidth ex. :( but gladly it restarts just now.
YiNG YiNG: thankkkkz ^_^
Agnes: thanks .. i also thought that too.. but i think its time to change... i got bored with that skin aready^_^
lorraine: thanks bhezzi ^_^
elissa (love-sync at bs): hi :) and thanks
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LISA: thanks :D
pailin: haha.. thanks
andrea: thanks :D
(: no probs :D
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tingwei: thanks ^_^
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Chloe: here is the code..
Ho Yuan:D: thanks :D
haha: wang zi? wang zi is lost in space somewhere
SueAnn - Passerby: hi! thanks for passing by :)
lxh: nope im not.. why?
xiaotiing: welcome :D
Asyura♥: xiaotiing just answered it :) his hair is naturally straight
xiaotiing: replied at your blog
agnes: thanks :) enjoy yours too ^_^
Kimverlyn: thanks for passing by
Mei Mei: welcome :)

AHHHHHH.. ive just realized now that i forgot to put up the site stats...


3 more freaking nights until our flight!

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