April 5, 2009

omg!! FINALLY! i've found an internet connection somewhere in our balcony! do you know how much i miss going online? i haven't net a thing for days and woah! the anticipation of wanting to watch Boys Over Flowers ep 25 is killing me ...

i brought over my laptap at our balcony and waiting if it can finally manage to connect.. when it did.. im like "OH MY GOD! wooh" and the first thing i visited was the mysoju for the BOF ep 25

but the videos are suspended cause of some KBS copyright so went to viiki but (haiiz) the videos there dont load.. so went up to this site .. some member of viiki offered

- (5:25pm) PATHETHIC! and i thought the connection came back on... around 5:30 pm . the connection suddenly got disconnected! F*CK you, you worthless wifi

i mean like whats the point that in my computer there wasn't like the symbol when you get disconnected, you get this 2 computers in black with a red "X" at the middle...

in here its 2 computers in blue (JIZZZZ) how can i not connect to the internet when it says here i was connected already and no, it dont load slow... it just wont load!!! this is really killing me

signing off ( p/s i'm blogging in wordpad.. *psshh* )

and oh btw we just went to church today then went to Gaisano mall - not really impressive thou..it is still underconstruction. it look good and nice on the outside view but inside.. im not really sure about that.. they should have put the supermarket thing at the side not when you enter the mall... it just look really weird at there are ventilations at the sides, the lights are bad, though the ceiling is impressive i just hate to see those ventilation tubes and water pipes visible in the ceiling..

and we ate at jollibee.. i love the food there but not the tables... <(in Gaisano) its like small and thin (dont know really the word of it) its like a table that is cut in half ...but the side tables are good.. its just that we are sitting at the middle ..

anw back to Boys Over Flowers... awww jizzz... im so saaadd this is like that last episode.. :( im waiting for the dvd to come out now. haha...oh well.. i was hoping for more ga eul and yi jung moments :(

april 6,2009 (tuesday)

just got my hair rebonded ive been sitting at the parlor for 6 hours
there are too many don't went you get your hair rebonded

you can't swim in the beach
you can swim in swimming pools (only for 30 min)
you can't get a hair color

----and many more...

at the parlor. the one handling my hair kept telling me if i put hair color on my hair, i said no, as i haven't put anything. then again she told me if i really didn't put hair color and then again i said no.

okay.. i swear to god i didnt color my hair brown or whatever not a dye, not hairspray, not applying cellophane (?) no nothing... if they think i color my hair brown... it must be the light cause my hair is sometimes like that when hit from the sun or light it looks like brown.

i still like my black hair though i still think having brown hair is nice...

i remember one of my classmate insisting she had naturaly brown hair... and we (my friends) think she is lying .. why?

she has perfectly had black hair since grade 6 then on highschool she keeps insisting that the brown hair thing is somewhat natural since it didnt take off... my teachers (i bet) didnt believe...

how the hell didn't the brown color hair wont remove when your hair grows from the roots or your head? psshhhh!

april 7, 2009

like wow! i've never thought there would be lots of very freakin cute pet society stuffs.. it just happens ive got bored of it why? cause its always the same thing buy stuffs and put it in the room.... i like playing restaurant city

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