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Wanjing (: gosh. there are so many.. but i dont mind already..
siangtiing: nope. i dont think she ask my permission
siangtiing: okay thanks again :)
lhla-san: haha.. yup.. your teeth is unique hhaa
siangtiing: replied at your blog
yikthong: thanks for finding my blog :)
yikthong: thanks for tagging
Jess: sure hope so i can go there haha
queenie: i got a blog post on getting the photos back... the title is "2 days. and getting the picture" just scan my archives
AMELIA: yeah. they sure do suck the fun out of everything
chella: thanks a lot :D
yZmiEn: thanks
YUKO: yeah sure.. email me for your link -> meetsteffanie@gmail.com
LISA: yup im back :D
carissa: thanks for finding my site :D where did you find it ? :)
siangtiing: thanks :D miss you a lot too.. and no i think she didnt ask permission :(
tingwei: yup i have... its been a long time since i blogged :D
Joanne: thanks for remembering ^_^
cynna: yup. sure
cynna: yup haha... i hope no one fall asleep when reading it haha

okay so last april 24,2009 was the most embarrassing day that i ever had!.. its sooooo freakin embarrassing.

1st was in Mcdonalds. - gosh i feel sooooo stupid
2nd in mapua - in enrollment .. im so tongue-tied.. its like something is holding my tongue back making me unable to talk or whatever.. jizzzzzzz

i so dont want to talk about it..

okay... so next would be a fan girl post about lee min ho ! haha

and ...

thanks to all people who follow my blog

lee min ho looks so cute here ... but whats with the girl hmpf

and so today.. i've finally finish watching Hana Kimi Japan!! the best japanese drama EVERRRRR!!! its pretty obvious japans version is so much better than the taiwanese version and oh well.. i think im the last to watch this.. this was aired like last last year (i think) but i dont have time to watch..

Ella Chen vs Maki Horikita


and ella of hana kimi taiwanese is..... well.... no offense but she is so ugly.. the only good-looking in hana kimi tai is jiro wang

so anw...

i keep laughing at some episodes especially Nakatsu! haha...! HE IS SO DAMN FUNNY! especially when Mizuki ask Nakatsu what he feels about Sano (as a friend) and Nakatsu replied immediately "im not homo!!" cause that time he feels something about Mizuki/Ashiya and he still hesitates if he really is a homo or not w/o realizing misuki/ashiya is a girl

* gosh! i hope i make sense

SOOOO DARN FUNNY!!! especially about the lie detector.. here is the video about the "Lie detector"

and this is also another part when Sano got drunk because of the Nara pickles and when he did got drunk he would became a "kiss monster" which means he would kiss anyone who is near him! haha sooooo funny.. Sano kissed Nakatsu

okay so another Nakatsu funny scene was when he found out that Mizuki was a girl and when the part about the toilet paper is so funny

here is some videos about Nakatsu funny moments.. but the author of the video use the hana kimi taiwan ost (haiiz) i like the japan ost more especially ikenai taiyou by orange range and peach by ai otsuka songs

Nakatsu Funny moments part 1

Nakatsu Funny moments part 2

im more of a nakatsu and mizuki fan (tamo and maki) fan rather than sano and mizuki... its just that there isnt any romantic scenes between them... there is a hana kimi season 2 in the making btw


ill submit a skin in blogskins.com tomorrow

remember to subscribe at my blog :D


the song is stuck in my head


i love the clothes .... so kawaii

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