im seriously PISSED OFF!!!!! im fucking pissed by that stupid hairstylist!

my hair now is seriously short!


this is what my hair looks like now... i googled it.. it looks like maki horikita's hair in Nobuta wo produce .. only that it is a bit like 2 inch long then hers.... i was sooooo FREAKED OUT!!!

i let the hairstylist see the picture of my ideal haircut.. i got pretty much great expectations of the outcome of my hair since its the "David's salon" like one of the most famous salon here

and boy! am i not going to go back in there EVER AGAIN! why? cause i didn't know they hire blind people!!!!! how the hell!!!!!!!!! okay.. im going to let you see a picture that i showed to the hairstylist

can you image???? IS HE BLIND!! my hair now is freaking short... and im freaking out right nowwwww!!!!!!

i growed my hair and for like 1 1/2 years just to get long hair and get the haircut that i really want and this is what i got! CRAP!!!

i didn't grow my hair just to cut it short!

okay.. ill tell the story.. i told the hairstylist and show him the picture.. and he was like

"oh its a full bangs"

"errr. yes. it is"

.. and bla bla blah.....

then i look at the mirror and it look mighty fine.. just like in the picture..

then he ask me what i would like my hair at the back look like... and i said... that make it slim... if you know what i mean .... **i couldnt really explain it... i mean... short layers at the top and at the end... thin long layer....

something like that

then he blow dried my hair... and when its finally done, i look at the mirror.. and touch my hair at the back and i was like my jaw almost drop all the way to the FLOOR!

wahhhhh!!!!!!! my poor hair! .. you know what... short hair doesn't look good on tall people..

and no.. i didn't complain.. why? if i complain then could they let me have my hair back to the long one?


i wassss sooooooooooo DISAPPOINTED! and i keep brawling and i felt like my tears are coming out of my eyes... so i buy myself an icecream and i feel much better..

okayy soooooooo RANT OVER..

anw... WISH THERE WOULD BE SOME KIND OF SHAMPOO or something to make you hair longer huh.

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