Terror Professor = FML !

today was my first day for my 2nd term in college. So basically, what i had today was well...... quite a day i wouldn't forget.

*begins lame story now*

My first subject 7:30am - PE

we only had like 30 minutes lecture and we all talk about is passing our index cards and yadda yadda... then me, my friend and some of my blockmates went to eat at Mcdo

then we ate there i went home because my next subject begins at 1:30 pm

*interlude trumpet sound*

it was pass 1:30 already and i was running late ... went straight to my room which is room 321 at the third floor for my Math subject.

The prof was already there and some of unfamiliar faces in the class. I wasn't wearing my glasses then when i wore it. i saw the writings in the white board which said

"HUM 16 - Philippine Literature
*insert professor's name*
MKT 321 1:30-3:00pm "

when i saw it.... my reaction was like:

first: running late and arrived at the room ->

second: puts on glasses and saw the writings in the whiteboard ->

FML! - FuckMyLife

* the professor is like a really TERROR one! i mean.. she was mumbling this mumbo jumbo that she doesn't want noisy students, about students who are late....

and that she doesn't want to be disturbed when she was speaking in front and the tone of her voice and some more long list of what not to do*

which i won't elaborate anymore cause all i hear is the beat of my heart out of being so nervous and.... yeah

when i was finding a way to excuse myself cause i got in the wrong room *which is not.. i bet they change the assigned room* anyways i look like this

when finally had the guts and to walk up to her and excuse myself. She gently said to me that the room i will be attending is change to room 323

then she announced at the whole class if anyone mistaken the room from another subject then they can leave

oh well... she wasn't that bad...


whatever.. shall now play sims 3 cause during our math class the professor dismissed us early


  1. I used to come to school late :P Once,I came really late to the extra class. When I arrived, everyone clapped and say yay because I came and that make the attendance full.

  2. hey hey, heard that u made ur own skin(: not telling u to help me but can u give me ur blogskins website? i wanna see what skins do u have(:
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  3. @ ♥ⓗⓞⓜⓘⓝⓖ.ⓐ : here http://www.blogskins.com/me/mssockpuppet ^_^

    @ Syahadah: gud thing you came at the last minute.. mine always like 30 mins after or like 1 hr :<


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