Super Typhoon Pepeng/Parma

Another Super typhoon going to hit the Philippines tomorrow !! (no news is good news) but what the hell!

fyi, this typhoon is packed with winds of 240pkh !! that is like signal no 5 i feel sorry for the people who are suffering from the flood caused by Ondoy. My sister and i planned to donate clothes, i already put it in the plastic bag but still haven't delivered it at the donation box at my sister's school

im a little worried + scared, If you look at this way:

Ondoy - Heavy rainfall
Pepeng - Super strong wind!

i just hope i won't see any flying roofs , breaking down of lamp post or worse...... the electricity line !!!

oh yes! i'm prepared alright! i've charged my phone to its fullest, stock some foods *which i have to buy again cause when i shop for groceries yesterday i seem to ate them all up*

this is another video of Typhoon Ondoy! watch in horror as the women in the car climb up at the top of her car and cars being washed away by the current of the flood (scary huh?)

things like this is no joke! let's all unite and pray.

. . . . meanwhile


and oh! another thing! ever heard of the phone POMEGRANATE ?? before i would say anything else about this phone. let me just tell you how absolutely amazing this freakin phone is.

typical phone with email, internet browser, build in camera, video, mp3 player, GPS navigation, you name it this piece of thing got it !! but whats so unique about this?
this phone got a freakin PROJECTOR for petes sake!
Not only that but it can translate the language you speak to communicate with other person

now here comes the amazing part!!!


i almost believe it what everything it says and i was like so amazed then they say about the coffee thing?! oh COME ON!!! that is like so impossible!! how can a super slim phone brew a superbly hot coffee man!!

who are they trying to fool?

so what do you thing about it? do you believe in this phone about the whole coffee crap? or what?

it also has a RAZOR - i bet they won't allow pomegranate phone on the airport! that thing won't pass on airport security

what i look like when you comment! ->

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