grades.grade. GRADES!

i just checked my grades online. this isn't really the "grades" itself but this thing would just tell you if you passed or not.. so basically this is mine

taken means you "passed"
not taken means you didn't pass, your going to repeat the subject next term
in current load pending, grades still haven't done yet

so tomorrow will the the releasing of grades! i am so fcked if i failed math! but yeah. that's part of college life. I can already sense it that i could fail

as for algebra - i think there's a chance that i could pass *okay..scratch that* on the other hand.....

TRIGONOMETRY = no freakin' chance i could pass ... only in my dreams

enough of the nerve wreaking grades. yesterday, me and my sister watch "the ugly truth" at the cinemas

this is seriously FUNNY! and i mean it! i feel like im going to have heart failure anytime soon when i was watching it since i laugh so hard i was kicking myself! i was like this ->

.....stomping my feet at the ground!


  1. Haha your right the ugly truth is so hilarious! I watched it yesterday and I was crying because i was laughing so much xD

  2. Hope you'll get good grades!! :D

    I feel like watching the ugly truth! I mean after you post how funny it is.. Hahas! :D

  3. to be honest, i didn't really like "the ugly truth"... it was very toliet-humour orientated. :( haha.
    have you seen "the proposal"? i liked that heaps better.
    but that's just me. :)


    yup have seen it too :D but i like the ugly truth more hehehe

  5. hi. mapuan ka din pala ;)

    Goodluck sa grades~

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  7. I swear i am bad in MATHS ALGEBRA TOO. I hate ALGEBRA alot cause, i dont get it ! Why must we use alphabets -.- They are soooo confusing. I always fail my math's class test :( Gosh. Good luck in your results ^^ \/


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.