Happy 17th birthday Jean

First of all, Jean! Happy 17th birthday to you!! wish you more b-days to come! hope you'll be as cheerful as always! Thanks for all the tutorials and for teaching me math *hekhek* Friends Forever!

we went to Mall Of Asia to celebrate her b-day! We took a stroll at the manila bay near the mall

then took some pictures then we watch Surrogates and the cinemas.

P/S: SURROGATES! a must watch movie! i really love it especially the ending wherein most exciting scenes are there.

we were seated where in the aircon is near us! when we watch the movie, so you can just imagine us shivering in coldness so all of us are like wiggling and i keep complaining that we should instead seat at the ground floor yadda yadda yadda!

then had starbucks!!!

i could write a thousands of words on how i had a lot of fun but i'm so damn sleepy! its 4AM and i still haven't sleep yet! i don't really worry that much since i don't have classes tomorrow! and this week is our ...

guess what?

SEMESTER BREAK! which only last a week but doesn't matter anw as long as i could take a break


  1. I want to watch Surrogates too !!! X:
    Its really great to celebrate birthday with friends. I hope I could. Happy birthday to ur friend ~

  2. your pictures look so funny!


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.