stupid and horrific ending

I'm sure by now a lot of you have watched "THE MIST" which is by the way a novel by Stephen King

just wanna say that this movie is a must watch! and well.... just wait till you see the ending! its the most horrific ending i have ever seen in my entire 17 years of watching these damn horror movies!

this movie is like a bit of "Silent Hill" mixed to it! for all those who have watched already.. remember the Bell?? its like an emergency bell something like that its the same as the bell in Silent Hill.

"Oooh! there's something in the mist... got freakin' tentacles"

watch trailer!


  1. omg i wanna watch it!!!!

    You mean the last part is really badly scary, or you meant the last part is badly horrible? :x

    I hope you get what i mean, hehe.

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  4. @ LISA: the ending is really horrifying... you'll really be in shock :o

  5. @ Nobody'sLove: its called "road to somewhere"


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