New phone!

It's a Samsung galaxy mini. It's about time, right? My parents bought this for me from Saudi. Hence there's like a Quran app inside, no matter how much I tried to delete/uninstall it just won't.

This wasn't exactly the phone that I had in mind. I was asking for the Samsung B3410 in white but somehow my parents bought this one instead.

The Galaxy mini has a white color version but my Dad bought the black one instead because according to him if it gets dirty it's not that highly noticeable. I'm not fan of phones in black color but anyways it's nice since the OS is Android so the touch function is pretty fast (Just like my iTouch) and doesn't lag like other touch phones.


  1. Hi! :D My Samsung phone cam from Oman and it also has the Quran app and prayer direction thingy! I've given up on trying to delete it, since I've spent like a week trying to figure it out! :) I've always been a fan of your blog! :) Have a nice day!

  2. @Veeyah

    aw <3 Thank you :3 IKR! it's such a drag >.<

  3. Yeah LOL. Hahaha. But it doesn't really bother me, unless I want my phone perfect. :) And you're welcome!


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