In a nutshell

Finally saw my dad and my little brother after 2 years and my mom after a year, found out my brother is taller than me so I couldn't call him little any more.

Parents bought me netbook (finally) and new phone yey! bye-bye you sorry ass Sony Ericsson Z610i and hello Samsung galaxy mini.

Found out our School's wifi refused to function on Mozilla Firefox browser and only Internet Explorer (yck!) .... youtube is blocked too.

Had the most YUMMIEST YOGURT I've ever tasted from Frutti Froyo better than White Hat, I might add. Also, I made my very own combination of cheesecake and vanilla flavor yogurt + grahams + blueberries + mango coconut jelly and caramel syrup  =P

Attended a seminar called "Life Box" cause we are some what invited to since we have nothing better to do then wander around the school's hallways


  1. Yeap, i still gt my warranty, bt the person told me that if i wan to get my case replaced, i need to pay for the case! zzzz!

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  3. 2 years? that's like whoa! haha same goes for me, i can't call my little brother a 'little' brother because he's now taller than me by inches - -
    samsung galaxy mini dayum i want
    * u *

  4. omg i love your laptop!bibili din ako ng ganyan.mas magaan kasi mga gnyang laptop and para madala ko if ever magstake out ako wahaha.ipon mode pa ko! >.<" buti kapa binilhan ka..u lucky gal ;)

  5. hi i'm one of your readers and i also love fruity froyo .. and it really rocks so as your blog anoo .. maybe you'll like tutti fruity as well ..

  6. psst dinala mo pala laptop mo sa school???

  7. @wistfulsoul:

    Oo, nung friday.


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