Finally got braces =) last week, June 4, Saturday. I ignored the sirens of agony and distress of what braces brings to you after all I've been dreading to get braces since day 1.

What really bothers me is the fact that I can't chew ....yet. I can't eat anything but lugaw (plain rice congee) and i just mixed corned beef, egg, sausage or whatever in it and have to cut it up in bite-sized pieces.

I feel no pain when my teeth started to move though since I'm taking Mefenamic acid (pain killers) as recommended by the orthodontist. I'm not gonna lie though the corners of my mouth really hurts because of the wires and I had a bit of trouble talking.

Also, It's hard to brush teeth with braces on

Anyways, kind of excited to get all my teeth straightened out

~ Reached 700 followers! Thank you! love you all! Might do my very first giveaway soon.


  1. even though I don't wear braces even though that kailangan ko xD

    my mom's scaring me that it hurts and i won't eat much ..

    and that makes me want them more xD

    and congrats in reaching 700 followers woohoo~~

    umm may i ask .. where did you get your smilies ?? they're really cute ne ~

  2. oh gosh...you seemed to be in such a pain >.< I've been thinking about getting a bracer too, cuz I hate my big bunny teeth =( I'm not really sure if I could endure the pain of 'not eating' my favorite food for several days..haha

  3. wow that's so much cheaper compared to here D:

    i'm going to look for some cheaper ones once i filled my cavities so they can make an imprint of my tooth and tell me the exact cost.

    so far the only i went for consultant was likt $6,000 and retainer not included D:

    & i'm paying for braces on my own... so far i only have about $1200... and yeah those survey sites work but i came across some scam sites as well :)

    i hope you're not feeling the pain of braces anymore... hope u get used to it :D

  4. if the wire is too long, ask the dentist to cut it short so it won't poke you cheeks no more :) I am wearing mine and often encountered this prob. Haven't take any single painkiller yet though my dentist has given it to me.huhu.

  5. hey..lurve ur blog... and im wearing braces too... :)


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