helping hand..

hmm lets see.. oh yeah(!) me & tasneem go internet again in the library since our teachers not yet in the classroom & almost all of my classmates go outside to play volleyball..we go blogging and i help tasneem with her bloggie. which is still underconstruction now(!) & we also go to blogthings to do some quizzez. and monkey run to know the japanese name of taz & it goes like this: Yumi / Asuka.. cool ei(!)


Asuka shared lunch with me & jie (jelli) cuz the canteen line is damn-long(!) & we talk to the bleachers..& mani more..

my DUMBELL (!) is finally finished it took me an hour to do it & at school for 40 mins. wheeww(!) i was like hell when ive finished(!) haha

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