this day is really BORING(!) i thought we have classes & i bring my big bag w/ full of crap(!) & it ended up that theres no classes(!) instead i play volleyball..then haiizz. why am i sayin' this(!) it just gets more boring & boring..boring..boring(!) as i was sayin' i ended up playing volleyball instead of shouting the hell out me(!) make sense huh?! ..

then..oh yeah(!) i met jie (jelli) 's sister. shes name is Joyce.. shes pweetty & got resemblace with jei *of course* haha..only that ateJoyce is slim & she looks like chinese.. maybe if jie would take or do some diet thingy.. shes would be pretty like her sister(!) i could almost imagine it.. oh yeah(!) jie's family treat me with pizza & water..kind of them *sniff*.. hmm..what else... after that..

me,isabel,raichelle tried to link asuka (taz) & yuna (diane) together..(!) then ended up that isabel & raichelle become a temporary messenger since they still dont want to talk to each other.. after that they decided to talk then have a conversation.. then that ends now they are friends(!) happy to both of them.. after that we play volleyball again(!) since im tired i got some rest then go home about 3:30 pm but since that crappy old bus isnt nowhere to be found ive decided to walk home(!)

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