the mircle just happened to me right now(!) ive cleaned my room haha

finally ive got a dedix notebook.. haha. i really dont know what to type here(!)
oh yeah..ive watch harry potter & the order of phoenix.. haha.. & toystory 1&2 & the incredibles yesterday(!) whoooo... Harry Potter fan(!) well frankly harry is getting uglier by the minute

finally i have a sim card now(!) whooo.. but(!) it was suppose to be an aljawal sim but(!) mom & dad buy me mobily.. haiiz.. but its okai. hmm. i really what to put internet on my cellphone but i dont know how(!)

we went to the mall (MOD) at 12 noon then come back at home at 5 pm haha woah.(!) were in the mall for 5 hours.. & my leg hurts

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