i have returned

im now here.. yup(!) i cant access internet in my house due to serverproblems..(!) long time since ive type here haha... sorry i cant open my friendster since im here in the library & doing friendster is not allowed of else ill be dog-gone(!) haha... blah!blah! im here in the library with asuka.. hmmmm.. talking about asuka shes currently writing a story. hmmm.. i think i just do a good deed haha.. ive help asuka edit her blog(!) weeee.. good deed for me(?) ermm i think

hmmm yesterday me,yuna,imee watch "harry potter & the goblet of fire" in the LIBRARY(!) haha.. hmm.. wat else did i do(?) oh yeah.. the other day before yesterday ive was grounded(!)

this ends here..

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