we went to the corniche today took a 100 mile walk back & forth.. then me & my lil bro.. talk crap again like a bike wearing a pants with a belt haha.. then my lil bro go on & talk about "how to get lost" haha... thats freaking hilarous(!) then after that we ate at the Chilis restaurant then ordered some nachos, texas fries, rib eye steak, ice tea & corn.. hmmmm now im stuffed(!) oh yeah... we also order that deluxe ice cream cake with a what-do-you-call-that(!) dang(!) i cant tell it was like the topping was like the pinipig(!) whoooooo...(!) its soooooooo d-e-l-i-c-o-u-s (!) i wanna order that again(!) whooo big time(!) haha.. im hungry for more.... i took the picture of that ice cream cake top of with that chocolate thing(!) haha i use my mom's cellphone haiizz. i wish i had a digital camera(!) ill do anything to have it

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moist chocolate icecream cake

after that we went to the tamimi & do the grocery thing hahas.. im so bored..

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