im currently watchin "Taiyou no Uta" whoo it really rocks it so damn funny & a lil bit dramatic its a japanese movie.. so far now im in part 5/14 going on to part 6 weeee(!) i wish i would finish the whole part. for 2 hours left(!) cuz i just watch that on youtube haiizz.. part 4 is the part were my bigmouth escaped in the whole apartment haha(!) so much for that i cant post the video here since i cant download it in youtube(!) haiiz.. oh well... lemme give you a wee bit intro about that movie..

A girl who can only live at night and a high school
who loves to surf as the sunrises...The two had nothing in
common...Kaoru Amane, 16 years old, did not attend school but
instead sang herself away every night after dark at a square in front of
train station with a guitar in her hands. She led a lifestyle opposite the norm,
sleeping during the day and active at night. Kaoru was suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), an illness, which also might be
described as the allergy to the sun,
and was not allowed to
be exposed to sunlight. The only motivation in her
life was singing, which also was the only connection to the outside world.One
day, an incident drastically
changes her life..

haiz i got dc a while ago at 12 noon then got connected again at 3:30 pm... while got disconnected me and my lil bro do something beyond explanation. Me(!) i watch the bonus features of "the Grudge 2" with my mom while my lil bro make a somewhat-animation video haha.. believe it or not(!) its really wacky(!) haha.. i find it funny & unusual(!)

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