updated blog& watsoever

yup(!) ive updated my blogskin(!)hehe.. this is 90% edited by me.. for the credits.. go to the links(!) ive also submit a blogskin in blogskins.com haha.ive also edited the blog of miyuki chan. & so on .. haha.. right now im watching deathnote(!) now i realize why people crave for this anime movie its just so awesome(!)

so yeasterday;

haha...collaborators been scold by Maam A. haha..she deserves it& i want to see her being punished for all the stupid things shes done. and one more thing shes such a feeler

enough about that.. & why am i even talking about that bitch(!) shes wasting my space, my time in this blog(!) anyways today is the birthday of Michiyo chan.. happy birthday to you beshi^___^

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