the busy bee

okai... im really busy right now(!) and yet i have time to type here whats been going on with my life(!) haha.. okai enough with that lets start. oh yeah.. ive created 2 blogskins today

1. {my love will get you home}
2. {anime-rockstar girl-choobie}

pls download & use it to support me hehe(!) PS: i dont know how i came up with the tittle choobie but i get the image from raichelle and i think she get it in deviant coz i saw it one time two..
oh yeah.. debok showned us the jersey that there were many error like our jersey name it shoud be"MEDE'ans" instead of "MEDI'ans" haha(!) its like medyas haha.. and the color of the pants.. not match with the shirt.. the shirt is light yellow and the pants is dark yellow ( well.. there only a portion there.. haha.. okay.. ) what i like most of the part in our jersey is the logo(!) whoo i so much loving it(!) its shaped is like a crown haha.. okai now.. im tired to type it all the way down to the bottom point.. what im really trying to say is that im tired and right now i should be doing my project in filipino instead of dealing with my blog here and other mindless non-important stuffs.. hehe.. so i better do my project now(!) or my mother would have a fit(!)


this is about friendship problems... i really dont know that sonic has a very big problems to her friends especially to her family(!) i really did though of that way that her father could *ulp* okai.. dont want to tell(!) to JLH welll.. i think even if he didnt saw sonic personally but i think his inlove with her because of her attitide.. well i didnt saw anything whats wrong with sonic she didnt touch me anything or even hurt haha i think we get along just well(!) well we should live life to its fullest ..

every second counts...1.2..3 BOOM!

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