Merry christmas

haiizz.. i didnt really feel the christmas spirit now! it just feels incomplete... what i want for christmas is:

a new cellphone {Z610i}
digital camera
make my hair light brown
buy contact lens {aquamarin} color
laptop vaio

hekhek... too many eii?! thats just what i want.. haha..

teacher's day

oh yeah.. i did a movie haha.. me and asuka-san.. i edited it and asuka-san is the camera girl, the camera is provided by tsubaki-san
the title of the song is Thankyou by tyler collin, ladies and gentlemen tyler is a girl! the hek yeah! the first time i heard her name i though she is a boy but then agian as i said shes a girl! haha.. weird name eii?

oh yeah! the laptop acer was proudly provided by Yara-san . ive edit it just now at lunch haha.. good thing we finished it in no time! hiyeah! although we are late a little bit.. here the video i wanna share hehe..

Video is loading...

ohh kaii.. maybe not now... the loading is too LONG! tomorrow ill post it here including the urls

enough of that haha..
here are some site that i pastime with right now...


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