Server Error

this is the pits! i cant open photobucket as well imeem it got server error. i cant finish my blog!!!!! i have to host the image to photobucket so i can put it in my banner! darn it!

At school

you'll never guess what just happen today, i feel like i want to shout right at her fugly face that miss highblood pressure! oh yeah! ill chance the codename to buhok 2 - miss/ms highbloodpressure! i really dont want to say all what just happened but it really got me pissed! so pissed i want to turn her into a toad! that worm! fuck her! shes such a untrue friend! that scroundrel! shes a backstabber, very selfish and jelousy! i just cant understand why buhok 1 keep on track with her! even if she knows that ms HBP is plastic! haiizz..

i still didnt do my project in health plus my blog and then this stupid problem.. im so uncomfortable i feel like i want to kill her!!!!!

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