im so hating this

arghhh!! this layout of mine is like so yesterday! i wanna change it! arghh!! fuck this layout! i cant seem to find a image. my stupid brother is sooo DAMN ANNOYING!!!
haiizzz.. im very busy today and so onnn.. so...ermm.. tas.. i cant edit your blog right now.. hope you'll understand its no easy to edit you knoww it took me 3 hours.. my whole 3 hours to find an image that suits with a paper-like background.. or a stripe background.. i want an image that has a color comination of black and light pink... okai... my next 3 hours i will be doing a pink dinasour image.. haha.. i will be changing my blog url to im-still-thinking

i want a blog url that is like "vintage" huhuhu... maybe vintage-sapphiric?? nah!! thats so-understandable! like so corny.. i will be thinking it later with the help of my portable dictionary.. hehe..

omg!! i hate this damn day... for the past days i was grounded then here i am back again and on the track...

oh yeah.. last thursday i bought a contact lense.. hooray for me hehe.. color is "sapphire"
and i had a hard time putting it on... its sooooo hard... i wanna poke it in my eye.. still now im trying to put it on... what i need is an assistant

after i edit my blog i will be doing bunch of letters.. hehe

i gotta go.. my brother here is getting cranky as ever!!

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