Trippings in school

oh hell yeah! ive slept during history subject when i woke up i was like "hey, what time is it" then ive realized that history subject is already over. gosh! you've got to be kidding me...haha like how many minutes have i dozed off! its just that i cant help myself! my whole bodies been telling me "SLEEP" haha!

okay! im so done with this blogskin off mine! i will create another one! haha.. ill update here if ive successfully created it. i will submit this deathnote theme to blogskins since i will not be using it anymore haha! but frankly i want to move to a new domain! or a hosting file, ive realized wordpress is much more better then blogspot! but anyways if im successfully know how to edit in wordpress ill move there! but now? lemme stay here for a sec. haha

ABC trippings

A-rabic time
B -oring teachers
C -opy paste Assignments
D -ismissal time
E -scapes from "abdul"
F -riendster addiction
G -uidance Counceling
H -olidays
I -rrelevant Alibis
J -amming nights
K -absa moments
L -unch break for 20mins
M -ath phobia
N -on stop sermons
O -vernights
P -ublic display of affection
Q -uizzes postponed
R -eferral slips
S -starbucks sessions
T -ardiness
U -PCAT nightmares
V -andalism
W -eekends
X -mas season
Y -ahoo messenger
Z -zzz... in class !

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