whew(!) finally its fixed(!) i cant live on without have to blog here you know(!) this is my life(!) i got server probles thats why i cant sign in here(!) but now here i am, quite made a few additions to my blog, i added the calendar and some javascripts that finally that would work in firefox(!) bwahahaha(!) i added also the disable right-click with alert message & welcome alert message both working on firefox & IE(!) its really hard to get codes that actually work on FF(!) but finally ive done it(!) ill be making a blog for icee&ghadiz probably ill be finished 2 weeks(!) like of corz im a student with lots of homeworks to be done(!)

this is so irritating(!) ive finished watchin deathnote ep 1-20 and some episodes are missing and i have to watch it in some sites(!) well..to tell you this ive discovered this very very awesome site that all episodes of all anime is here including naruto shippuden & deathnote 1-37(!) whooooo... this rocks(!)

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