So stuffed!

haiizz.. i go to school today cuz i thought there would be a classes!! this is so irritating! but anywayz i really had fun today! me, tsubaki-san, hinata-san, asuka-san, yuna-san & tenii-san.. play "bang! sak" we agree to call each other with our japanese names! haha...

server error fixed! i have loads to edit today! i have to do a movie video for the teachers day & edit ghadz & icee blog... my blog still underconstruction!

at the mall

this is really crazy..lemme start.. first we had dinner here at the house and then go out to the mall eat again at kudu and then eat again at starbucks..i ordered coffee nut well you can see my reaction in my face cuz really... im so STUFFED! i cant barely walk

i got saw a contact lense @ the optics & its worth SR100..i only have SR 76

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