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ive updated my blog banner change it to deathnote again! whoooo! i just cant get enough of it... some .. im in episode 27 in deathnote.. & i just cant belivie that there is another L haha.. somehow it just a resemblace of him.. the way he dress maybe? haha..

ive discovered lately that someone is deleting his/her own comment in my profile!! whoever you are im going to get the bottom of this! and maybe if you did that your just jealous!! get your own life & mind your own profile, you red-faced shit!

im very busy today! haiizz.. i want to change my life! i just dont get myself i keep on saying that so cursed words! me and asuka-san will be busy tomorrow due to preparation of the teacher's day.. goodluck to us! haha... ill be planning what to do later on..

deathnote update

im in episode 27 now, you just got to be kidding me Near is like soooooo FUGLY!! omg! i want L back! & Melo?? double ewwww!!! he looks like a girl yo! look at that hair!! illness!

i realized that ... i love L!!! haha

Kumiko love L Lawliet

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