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okai?? nothing out of the orginary i did today.. i got saw a website that all deathnote fonts and info is there! whoooo! such a cool site! tag me if you want to know the site..bwahaha.. and of corz name your self.. no anonymous tags cuz im tired of games! ill play with that later okai... as i was sayin.. like im so BORED! ill share to you some info & avatars of deathnote! well.. since ive installed a disabled right click thing..ill just mail it to you or give you the link..

Yagami Light

Quick StatsKnowledge: 9/10
Conceptualization Power: 10/10
Activeness: 8/10
Emotional Strength: 10/10
Social Skills: 10/10
Acting Skills: 10/10

Personal Data

Real Name: Yagami Light (Raito)
Also Known As:
Kira Birthdate: Feb. 28, 1986?? (Age 17, 23)
Deathdate: Jan. 28, 2010?? (Age 23)
Height: 179cm (5’9’‘)
Weight: 54kg (119 pounds)
Blood Type: A
Likes: Justice
Dislikes: Evil??
Lifespan: 9 3 31 2 6 3 9
Occupation: Student, Police Force
Death Note: Yes

The Character Light is a very serious character. Like his foes, Light has a very high I.Q. and an amazing ability to think things through. He never acts rashly, and in general he has a knack for seeing through people. The thing is, Light barely shows his emotions to anyone and masks himself very well. As for friends, he doesn’t really have any, and whenever he is close to someone it is in order to use them. Perhaps he does really belong with Ryuuk as Light seems very bored with the world, and as Kira he attempts to rule it. He is a very ambitious guy!
History Light finds the Death Note outside on the floor of his school. Finding it, he takes it home and reads it, not believing a word. One day, when he’s bored he tries it out for fun, and amazingly enough it works! From that day on, Light sought to cleanse the world of evil, and rule over an almost perfect world, or at least a world where Kira, he himself was God.
Some Interesting Commentary : The Makings of a Murderer Light is an ultimate character of human psyche. Many articles or journals on killers state that after the first murder, the second or third come easily for a killer. In Light’s case this is also true; looking back on Death Note chapter one, a scared Light ducks under his bed, trying to make a decision on what to do. But after he makes the decision, that is, to cleanse the world, he quickly transforms into another person, killing over 390 people in chapter one alone. This transformation in Light probably sets him apart from all characters in all of Death Note, making him one of the most in-depth characters.

L Lawliet

Quick StatsKnowledge: 8/10
Ability to Conceptualize: 10/10
Willingness to Act: 9/10
Motivation : 10/10
Social Life: 1/10
Person Fond of Sweets: 10/10

Personal Data

Real Name: L Lawliet
Also Known As: L, Ryuuzaki, Erald Coil, Danuve.
Birthdate: October 31, 1979 (Age 24)
Deathdate: November 5, 2004 (Age 25)
Height: 179 cm (5’9’‘)
Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)
Blood type: unknown
Likes: sweet things
Dislikes: socks
Lifespan: 75231362 (according to ep. 15)
Occupation: Private Detective
Death Note: No

L is a “weird” character. He is a genius of course, who knows how to do a variety of things. His personality is supposed to counter Light Yagami, the “genius, pretty boy”, as he is a “genius, freak”. L likes to play around a lot, and is very blunt. He loves sweets (especially cakes), and insists that if he does not sit the way he does, his reasoning will drop by 40%. L seems to be sort of a loner, and trusts no one (except Watari of course). L is also a very animated character, his expressions are clearly visible unless he decides not to show them and doesn’t hide his true self behind a mask, like Light does (well at least personality wise). He is very courageous, as he even shows his face and steps outside to confront Kira in danger of his own life. L himself is probably a type of character you will never meet. If you want to read about how to be like L, refer to the L guide, which highlights his physical habits, and take a look at his stomach as related from HTR13.

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