think double

okai.. lets get straight to the point. my dad bought an iTOUCH ( basically its an ipod touchscreen) cool ei.. it has some great features in it.. the dual touchscreen and wireless internet access, an itunes, name it(!)haha.. this piece of technology got it all(!) okai.. ill tell you the exact thing on what happens before my dad bought the itouch

me & my dad go to jarir of corz with my mom & my lil bro.. i directed my dad to where the itouch is located and told him how cool that itouch is(!) exactly when i was about to blink my dad says "ill take it", i was really shocked because my dad even didnt have some double decisions before he bought it & the thing is the itough is worth 1,686 saudi riyals(!) you just got to the kidding me(!) i didnt even get a chance to blink(!) oh well. at least i could borrow my dad's itouch(!) haha.. omg(!) i really want that SONY ERICSSON Z60i cellphone(!) wahhhhhhhhhh(!) i want a digital camera(!) huhuhuhuhu..

oh yeah(!) before i forgot ive edited my blog again.. its a deathnote theme..ermss.. i got this feeling ive already say this things at my last entries.. but anyways. i will say it again(!) it took my 2 days to find a doodly picture of deathnote & arrage the codes(!) i just cant stop my self(!) the anime movie series "DEATHNOTE" is just so AWESOME(!) & Yagami Light is so irresistible(!) on the other hand "L" is some what weird for me.. but hes cute if he would smile & laugh at the same time(!) haha.. theres this deathnote comic strips i wanna share with you, it really made me laugh at my limits haha.. but i fear that if i put it here it would just ruin my blog(!) but if you want me to send it to you(!) i would be glad to mail it to you(!) just TAG me at my TAGBOARD located at the left side of you screen

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