2008 welcomes kawaii-kyuusho

heyheyhey!! first of all i wanna greet all people a happy new year! .. first of all this 2008 i wanna change all my bad qualities *haha* like finally admitting it

my bad qualities

1. being such a slacker
2. such a high pride
3. pasaway to my parents (like forgive me.. im just a teenager and enjoying every second of my life) *bows*
4. arguing with my brother all the time!
5. sometimes im selfish haha..
6. making stupid excuses
7. sometimes im impatient.. and im quite improving now! haha
8. speaking vulgar words. like I CURSE!

im leaving that all behind me and i oath my self ill change my bad sides because a new year needs a new attitude...

My new year's resolution

1. huhu... i promise ill edit icee & asuka-san (tasneem)'s blog.. sorry guys.. im totally busy right now.. but today.. im totally not! so ill be editing it tomorrow hehe
2. stop CURSING! huhu.. i speak vulgar words sometimes when im totally angry
3. ill promise my self to concentrate in my studies
4. ill limit myself to go internet
5. ill do HOMEWORK ! haha
6. ill improve and be more creative when dealing with projects.. (well sometimes.. i just do projects like that not knowing that it turned out to be like a pig's den!.. like im so lazy to do it)
7. be attentive
8. stop talking back to my parents and finally
9. ENJOY LIFE! haha

like i said "new year, new life" anyways ive renew my blog title for 2008 huhu... goodbye inside-my-pockets and hello kawaii-kyuusho first of all i owe this blog to blogspot for hosting my blog, dynamicdrive for the java scripts, photobucket for hosting my images like the smilies, boomspeed for my cursor and i owe my layout to eggiines

first of all.. why? have i decided to pick the title kawaii-kyuusho.. it inspired me from the title name kawaii-feenque of ayei ... then i came up with kyuusho which is my japanese name generated to some japanese site.. and lastly i love kawaii stuffs since last year..

last year of my blog i named it kawaii-qiing then i change it again..because i think its like pretty corny.. then i named it inside-my-pockets. haha.. then now i named it kawaii-kyuusho and i think it just grows on me!

history why i like kawaii??

first of all i never heard of kawaii or whatever.. im like last year... i was an emo? i think . haha .. for like a year i leave on that.. both me and miisa-san aka lorraine (my bestfriend) are emo or rockista haha.. oh well.. then again it grows off to me.. today.. i was getting off with emo, rocker, punk or whatever because i feel like "this isnt me" i get off with that label and start a new beginning.. right now i dont have any label beacause real people dont need label! well.. no offense hehe.. this is just my opinion dont have a fit okai. then today i discovered this kawaii thing to some of my friendster friends in malaysia and china.. when ive heard about that thing..it kind of grows on me.. haha.. kawaii means pretty in japanese but it also means like a style but not like kikay it has like a very big difference kikay people aka girly people loves anything pink.. haha.. like that.. well.. kawaii is also known for pink also.. but people who love kawaii also love black.. but not entirely black.. have ever heard a monokuro boo? ...monokuro boo is somewhat 2 pigs color: black and white... like there are sooooo adorable!!!! which has a motto that says " simple is best"

today i like vintage and also kawaii stuffs hehe
oh.. i got this adorable smilies from ayei hehe

okaii...gotta go

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