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ive updated my blog once again with a new skin this is the best vintage skin ive picked so far.. & im loving it.. espcially the background music.. and all of that i thank DayBefore!Misery for my so vintage layout thankyou thankyou.. and for the background music thanks to geocities frostipalace, my tagboard thanks to cbox.ws and my readers thank you for reading my chronicles of my life
recently ive updated my friendster profile also with new layout and music anywayz.. today my father is off to the airport to go to yanbuo.. haha.. i think my spelling is wrong.. but the hell with it.. who cares anyhow.. im currently getting tired and want some rest.. haizz... today is been a hard day for me.. got to clean, vaccum the floors, wash the dishes and blah blah blah... how i wish this could end..

im so not feeling myself right now.. something is quite missing.... but whatever that is im not going to find it.... but whatever im not really going to open up all whats happening here can i?! haha.. that would only cause a ruckus. anywayz.. just going to leave some clues.. i am really off by now.. tomorrow.. im really going to shut my mouth and do whatever i want with my mouth close.. i hate it when i open my mouth and blah blah blah.. saying whatever out of the topic but this time im going to shut my mouth.. omg.. another flag ceremony would be held tomorrow and i predict it would be long since theres an awarding for whoever won in the academic contest.. and at mapeh time theres a prom practice but whatever im not going to attend anywayz.. ill just attend the prom next year
ONE MISSED CALL (english version)
ive watch the trailer of this movie and the ringtone suck sounds like some chimes or whatever.. i like the japanese version of this one.. so if you have watch this version and not yet seen the japanese version ill let you borrow it... and see the difference anywayz.. but nice story anyhow haha..i just dont understand why the ghouls here dont have eyes... haha.. anywayz... whats it like to have that kind of curse here
okay this ends here.. if someone here have this movie the english version.. can i borrow hehe..
okay.. gotta go... lots of things to do..

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