im back from being hiatus...so much to tell

hello world, im back

its been a week now since my last update and my last post..hehe..hope everythings alright

Finally things turned out to a new leaf..haha things are finally okay.. i never thought this would happen but as far as i known i still dont care...recently this past weeks i never thought na unti unti nagbabago yung mga attitudes ko... i just realized it now...

somehow right now...the old me?.. i cant find her. i just dont know myself anymore..i used to joke a lot, laugh a lot & break the rules a lot which is now.. ive gone from bad to worse... im like so serious i sometimes forgot who i am... which is actually true.. somehow i turned out to a new leaf... never thought that this would happen but anyway thats life


yups... i have new haircut haha.. actually i like my hair now haha.. but too bad my hair is so dry and wave i need to iron it..enweiz.. what more can i tell... haha... i dont want to tell whats the name of my haircut coz i dont want any imitations from someone and that just bugs me...



okaii... recently pagkatapos ng exams i cant go online cuz my comp. broke down.. which is for 3 days my dad himself fixed the cpu.. and it turned out just fine until na laman ko na wala lahat ng files ko, my pictures and my LIFE!!! hell with this... all the memories are all KAPUT! but look at the brightside .. windows vista na kami!!! wohhhh!! oh well..

okai... i got to go haha... gotta take a bath byerzzz


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