oh well.. ehemz...like i said in the title.. i am handicaped.. last night i had difficulty in breathing; i dont know whats wrong with me or something haizz and until now.. ...

okai... i had it.. i was supposed to put pictures here... but i was too annoyed and arghh!!!

stupid annoying lil brother!!

ill just post it tomorrow!

except for this..

RAIN (bi)
he is so HOT!; he is loved! haha


yupz there will be a fullhouse season 2 ; they are on the making of fullhousee!!
still the leading actros are: song hye kyo & rain

oh..befor i forgot.. i edited miisa-san's (lorraine) blog today! but not my design.. anyways... im promoting her blog and some other blogs.. pls visit their blog.. click the link here

(lorraine) Miisa-san's blog

(tasneem) Asuka-san's blog

if you want any gospel reading or whatever.. you can find it asuka-san's blog..

or you can go to my links section and find other blogs there

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