freakly annoying; school reopens after 2 days

omg! this is freaklishly annoying.. school reopens after 2 days! i huhu.. i still dunt wanna go to school.. today ill make a prediction.. 1st day of school on 2008, teachers will ask us to make an essay about what we did during holidays, write new year's resolution! like that is so last year!
there will be lots and lots of homeworks, quizzez, exams and projects! i just cant live with that! no way! haha.. but anywayz. ill try my best to get high grades this quarter

watch this video.. Charice Pempengco is really famous now.. look at her.. shes in korea with all thos cute stars and famous singers

shes is just so amazing she is way better then Bianca Ryan... if you know what im sayin' so search it in youtube then you can see biance ryan's version is the pits!! charice rocks!

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