what a drag!

this morning was a total DRAG! ; the water this morning was cut-off and the water was back at 7 sharp!! and school today was such a drag also... i totally didnt know that exams are already next week! you got to be kidding me.. school just reopens then next week will have exams?!?

oh yeah. i give the gifts to my friends now hehe.. they are not entirly gift more like just simple thanks to them.. except for one i forgot to give.. because im really not sure if i should give it or not... i should make it longer somehow.. so im gonna start it now


my parents and my brother are playing monopoly now; first part of the game i was the banker ... then later i went off to wash the dishes haha.. but before that we kept laughing and laughing coz my mom kept landing on the jail space and went backwards again two times in a row haha

Coffee prince korean drama

im in episode 1 part 2 haha.. i skip a little half of ep 1 part 1 because it was cutt-off huhu..

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