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we had our "CREATION" orientation today and i kinda flunk it..my partner was Mika-san (emez); okaii... before the orientation we had our little-in-a-hurry practice with lil agruments of some sort after that orientation then blah!blah!blah!We had our bonding moments.. erms... doing seatwork moments with cla,imee,hazel & laila also with tasneem..then go answer our seatworks at our usual hangout at the bench.. then i got news when answer my seatwork that my lil bro's finger got slam by the door and had gone to the clinic .. of corz me.. i rushed to the clinic and find out whats going on.. then i see my lil bro cried in pain.. awwww... anywayz

i print the story "What i did for love" with 1-36 parts.. long ei?? but its really a touching story and somehow it touched my heart.. i let tasneem borrow the story & so is isabel they both have the same reactions on there face when they finished reading the story.. ill let you know that the story is a "sad live story" and its korean..

i watched "200 pounds beauty" by then again its also korean.. i borrowed it from clarrence.. actually i borrowed it since last year.. oh well... the movie is so touching huhuhu.. i let out a cry when hanna became slim then still go under many challenges.. if you watched the movie at the ending youll realized that not all of our attitudes is seen from our outerbeauty but more then in the inside.. i always hear people say that its okay to love a beautiful/handome boy/girl but bad attitudes coz you can still change there attitude other then loving an ugly person but with a kind heart coz u cant fix there looks ugly is ugly and pretty is pretty; ugly people like me are being deserted, thrown out, and disrespected while on the other had people who have the looks gets respect and what ever they want..well i say go take a hike and stick that face to your butt coz youve been paying to much attention to the persons good looks and not there attitudes... you may have succeed to change the person's attitude but that doesnt do any good coz you might not have known that he/she is just plastic with you or that person only does goody goody with you but not to other people.. oh well.. who cares about people today.. ill mind my bussiness and the mind with theres.. i just hope you wont regret what youve done since regrets always happens at the last.. and ill be at your back yelling "i hate to say this but i told you so"

PS: I DONT MEDDLE WITH PEOPLE OTHERS LIVES coz i do believe that " life is short, break some rules" or should i say "life it short so have fun while it last"


I DONT CARE.. i dont care.. dont care.. never care about that thing.. just wanna type it coz inspired by the moive

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