never been that way before

tomorrow we will have our class picture taken .. this time i wanna make sure that everything goes smoothly, dont wanna have like a bad hair day, stupid smile, no extra movements, & no eyes closed.. 1st - 2nd year of my highschool days i didnt order a class picture coz may face makes me wanna go vomit.. i just can stand it.. hate hate hate!!! .. tomorrow i will make sure that i look perfectly fine in the class pic so i can order one hehe...thats why im bringing my hair iron tomorrow or even my contact lense if i know how to put it on.. haha AJA AJA! fighting

if everything goes wrong again ill blame the photographer for snapping it so fast.. nah! just kidding..

i still have more projects to do..

[one] English project (book binding)

[two] Filipino project (summary of the notebook transfer to a bond paper *must be computerized*)

seatworks i still havent done

[one] Values (put summary and answer the questions on the said article)

[two] Chemistry (the volume,pressure,..etc)


[one] MAPEH (ARTS)

i fell asleep during classes.. i fell asleep during: TLE time & Chemistry time.. my most record of falling asleep was during TLE i fell asleep all class hour.. it all started when my teacher was teaching something then i felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.. i tried to stay awake since i was highlighting something.. out of being so sluggish i fell into a deep comfortable slumber i didnt know that my head is practically a few inches away from my book with my hair at both sides and looks like i was reading our textbook.. then my classmate called out my name.. then i didnt answer back since i was asleep, my seatmate(tasneem) looked at me with her finger touching my hair to raised it up then she fell back and laugh and so is Khristine who also saw everything then when they laugh.. (tasneem told me the whole story thats why i was able to type it down here) also my other classmates are also laughing.. but anyways i didnt feel insulted or whatever more like i find it funny.. cause its my first time to fall asleep with my head up and not on the desk

unfortunately we will have a reporting just for the students who would not attend the prom, and have reporting in ourclassroom with the boys who also didnot attend to prom.. tasneem finished her report today.. and its like so fun...some off them made lousy jokes that made me laugh and when we take our quiz all the answer are all in the board and all we got to do is search there to what is the answer.. we all got 1 mistake with the same number haha.. when taking the quiz that tasneem said to us.. we are like announcing the answers and its so so hilarous

LOVE THIS PIC.. so kawaii!

so till here.. gotta go.. must do all the projects done before its too late pls rate my blog..hehe

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