people are gone lazy

ive just realize that people now a days are gone lazy like me
the one ive heard that my classmate will not go to school since we got nothing to do then sit around at the academic contest and do nothing.. well i say even if you got nothing to do in class we should partisipate and be attentive since also our presence is also included in our grade.. we should not let our laziness ahead of our goals because laziness would not get our future on the road instead it would just take us to the side of it ended up all the misery for regreting that "i should have study hard".

Our parents put there lives on the line just for the sake of us to study and to buy this and that.. and all we do is give them very bad grades... thats all they ever asked us for only the grades no more no less...arent you ever been ashamed of yourself going home from school caring the report cards showing nothing but C's or 75%.. you've got to be kidding me and then now requesting to have a new cellphone, ipod and blah blah! its too much for them that you or us including me should realize their sacrifice they put in to that table just to have bread for us to eat and this is all we repay for them... IS THIS JUSTICE?!? haha.. okay remove that line.. im just screwing things haha.. like im so stupid anyways im just in the mood to write it all here down cuz im bored... DEAD BORED... i need someone who i can talk to the phone for 3 hours. haha.. just kidding.. oh well... im going to the academic contest tomorrow even if im so lazy and my back hurts oh the hell with this... i must go tomorrow so i can get the "one missed call" cd that ive borrowed from raichelle hehe .. oh well i cant go there without a cause can i?! haha
haizzzz... borednezzz.. lazynessss..... SLACK!SLACK!SLACK!! ohheemmmgggiii... i think im going on from bad to worse..

word factory for the academic contest.. hiazz.. i shoudnt be playing that game when suddenly diane handed me an A4 size bondpaper with a letter "T" on it.. at first she said that could i hold it for a sec.. then of corz im so stupid.. but i actually know there up to something.. then blah blah! then anywayz.. im so tired to explain.. at the end we won hoho

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