hangout at isabel's house

hangout at isabel'shouse hehe.. we have lots of fun.. when watching "one missed call" together with diane,heaven & isabel.. we scream about 4 times coz we heard funny noises haha.. so fun
then laila called to pick her up at school about 1 pm.. oh well... to many to tell.. i play the sims 2 at isabels house and isay & diane told me that theres a cheat oh well... my english is kinda slobby now.. haizz... got to mood to type this and that.. to bad i got lots to tell.. but anywayz

i still didnt edit mika-san's friendster profile.. i just dont have the mood to edit.. so buzy right now.. when im editing.. i just dont edit i put hardwork on my works.. so im just going to find my mood

im so moody i forgot who the hell im talking to.. oh well

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