we went to the mall today(!) but before that isabel chan & me talk to the phone about some serious friendship problems that you dont wanna know. as i was saying(!) we went to the mall about 11:30 am and then returned home at 6:30 pm(!) woah(!) thats some shopping haha.. thats a new record for me(!) ehem, i buy my darkgreen+black jacket today & when we went back to our house it doesnt fit(!) curse this(!) i will exchange it tomorrow for a big size one, its just that im not comfortamble moving around with such a fitted jacket duh(!) but before that we have some java vanilla at starbucks and then go grocery at geants.like a very LONG STORY(!)

PS i want to watch "the last mimzy" again!!! GOD I LOVE THE MOVIE(!)
im offically getting addicted to it(!) i wanna buy MIMZY(!) who ever buys that for me gets errr...?? uhmmm.... ehhhhh just blessings haha(!) LMAO

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