what happened today was that when me and lorriane chat.like hohoho..cant explain it.. secretadbuu was asking me what site i get the japanese words thingy(!) but the thing is.. i dont wanna tell..coz you kner many copycats are in friendster and i effin' hate em(!) what i did was i told him to just add lorraine (eiiko_japanbby) & ask permission or ask her the site.. for starters both me and lorraine know the site & we've been keeping it a secret if one tells or ask us and wanna know the site we should tell it to each other first then if we both agree & we will tell the site(!) well..!! for those JELOUSY FUCKIN' NOSEY BITCHES(!) THOSE EFFIN' SPOILERS LIKE COLLABORATOR(!) I HOPE YOU'LL DIE(!)

enough about that.. when secretadbuu.. PM me. this was it.. ive cut some parts of it only in the first & last... i find it very funny when i read secretadbuu & lorraine's chat.. haha, lorraine's very outstanding here(!) very good drama(!) haha..lorraine's first time to scold a 14 yr old boy..well... not the first time but i think this now is the 2nd time.. i dont know the 1st time but i guess lorraine remembers it.. lorraine is not really this mean(!) she was just joking..haha

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secretadbuu: hehehe
secretadbuu: wat YM?
secretadbuu: yan n po eung YM?
skrpbuk08: eiiko_japanbby
secretadbuu: ahh
secretadbuu: i nad nya na ata me ^^
skrpbuk08: yes i know
skrpbuk08: i tell her dat
secretadbuu: hayx..
secretadbuu: ate
secretadbuu: bt gnun?
secretadbuu: parang bad mood ata xa
skrpbuk08: o?
skrpbuk08: d xiguro
skrpbuk08: haha
skrpbuk08: msyahing tao yan
secretadbuu: xbhn u na po kac
skrpbuk08: anu sbi nya syu?
secretadbuu: -'LuiZ.'-: ate
MiiSA ??? 41: ate?
-'LuiZ.'-: pde p b sbhn u site sken?
MiiSA ??? 41: cno k?
-'LuiZ.'-: kausap po me ni ate steph
MiiSA ??? 41: oki?
MiiSA ??? 41: i dunno u yo
-'LuiZ.'-: ate
MiiSA ??? 41: argh
MiiSA ??? 41: cno k nga
-'LuiZ.'-: pde po b xbhn sken site nun sa Chinese LEtters
-'LuiZ.'-: luiz po
MiiSA ??? 41: MY GOD!!!
-'LuiZ.'-: y po?
-'LuiZ.'-: boy po b u?
MiiSA ??? 41: no
MiiSA ??? 41: im a girl

thats their chat haha... what currently happen at school today is not my day(!) well some off them cuz when i recieve my testpaper i have no grade below 81% haha.. well.. that grade is kinda high to me haha.. talk about "unexpected luck"the worst dayi really hate COLLABORATOR(!) no words can ever descibe how i hate her effin face & her stupid idiotic turncoater attitude(!) shes such a jelousy bitch(!) plastic wannabe(!)

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