i talk you listen

i just get back here from being grounded...& the our 3rd mastery test is finally over until january that is.....

i watch "the last mimzy" today(!) it was like so awesome movie i have ever seen its BEYOND EXPLANATION(!) ive watch it like 3 times today(!) haha.. im uber to the max(!) its really a very outstanding movie from the director of E.T .. & i should have watch "the 200 pounds beauty" today by alas imee forgot to bring it.. grrrr wait till i get my hands on her(!) .. hate this(!) ...

I LOVE MIMZY(!) heres some sample pictures

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
"the last mimzy" poster

today.. hmmm.. i will edit my blog & update it...

hmmmm.. what else oh yeah! last week(!) i bought 2 t-shirt from QUIZ in MOD haha(!) with my very own POCKET MONEY(!) haha.. the blue one saya "LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE" & the pink one says "FULL OF **IT" haha.. its an oversize like fitted shirt.. i dont get it.. when i bought it i though its an overfize one but its fitted but anyway its cool(!) but i still didnt wear it, ill save it till were allowed to wear winter clothes & next week is the week that we are allowed to wear W.C

tomorrow imma going to buy that jacket with my own pocket money again & of cor also the money of my mom.. its really a heavy one means its 129 sr. and my money is 5o+ so i need more cash(!) to buy it haha.. well talking about that.. i gotta go(!)hehe..

oh yeah i forgot(!) imee,me & clarrence do some crazy stuff in the clinic.. pretending like a buddah the one with many hands that is.. haha.. i got a picture of it(!) but ill upload it later

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