new brand day

i got new haircute(!) haha.. well.. my mom forced me to have a new haircut.(!) but oh well.. finally the server error is fixed(!) hmm.. i write a story here..(!) but dunno what title its gonna be.. is it

head over heels - previews title of lorraine when we were creating a story


love at the creek


pen pal

text pal

help(!) me create a title hehe, can(?) just tag me(!)
hmmm what happened today oh yeah(!) we watch the grudge 2 at the library.. but(!) then the supervisor wont let us watch again cuz the computer got hanged
hmmmm.. oh yeah(!) we buy skittles haha.. yeah(!) like so wat(!?)
& ive updated my yahoo whooooo..(!) this is one cool mail(!)
& lucky day where are only gonna bring small bag tomorrow that means theres no classes(!)

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