hmmmm...we ordered pizza & KFC today(!) my father ordered 1 hawaiian pizza & 1 cheese..as for the KFC , 2 crispy strips spicy & sundae..zinger(!) and many more... so much to tell so little time.haha.. frankly i dont really know what to say here.. but i got few words to say so lets just spend it for nonsense..

i tried to do my own html & i suck at it(!) ive think i got it but the codes are screwed up(!) god i hate it when that happens(!) and what else oh yeah(!) my lil bro cried his heart out when he found out that he lost his wallet but all this time it was with my father haha(!)

november 29 - birthday of my best friend LORRAINE(!)
december 4 - MINI olympics

yey! im an official in chess(!) well... we all do got the chance to pick haha(!) the only thing i wish for today is that to get the gold medal and win the championship(!) becoz everytime i play like i defeat all player in my level but when it comes to a higher level then me i skunk(!) i blew it all(!) kapuk(!)

okai.. that enough i got to go.. the order of the KFC is here already.. until next time(!)

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