2nd week {exams}

english, MAPEH && A.pan is our 2nd exam day subjects

its a lil bit easy but(!) Maam "G"make it hard for us to answer coz she put something that she didnt say to us in our coverage.. for short she is very BLURR(!) she included corinthina verses dat isnt supposed to be in our test(!)
good thing(!) i memorised it before our test papers are distributed.

aniweiz lets skip that crap(!) and move on past is past & present is present while tomorrows a gift(!)... we played "bang,sak" again: me & jellyanne & raichelle & tasneem & isabel & diane & imee.. jellyanne lose or got "sak" 3 times so we asked her truth or dare.. she pick dare. den isabel said dat " go all over the court about a lap and say hi to every student you see"

den dat ends here

how easy the test is.. my rate

english : A-



todays savings: 1 sr *sob*

all in all i got 107 horray(!)

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